Listed here are some additional resources of interest.

Aging Society

Post-Retirement Risks

Post Retirement Needs and Risks – Society of Actuaries – the Committee sponsors a range of research and informational projects.

  • Informational projects include:
    • Managing Retirement Decisions
    • Managing Post Retirement Risk
  • Research Reports include:
    • 2001 – 2013 Risk Surveys and related Key Findings Reports, and special issues reports
    • Segmenting the Middle Market
    • Public Misperceptions about Retirement Security
    • Other research reports

Women & Retirement

  • Actuarial Foundation and Wiser – Seven Life-Defining Decisions
    • This publication links retirement security with decisions made throughout life
  • Actuarial Foundation and Wiser- “Making Your Money Last a Lifetime
    • This publication focuses on decisions made at the time of retirement and afterwards about how to use your money in retirement

Organizations of Interest

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